Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. A time to appreciate Mother Earth and respect all that she gives to us. We need to reflect about all we have, the air, water, earth, forests and animals that surrounds us, gives us joy and helps us to survive. We need to better understand our place within the big picture, we tend to forget just how small we are within the grand scope of life and what our surroundings can teach us. Animals are a good example, we could learn much from animals, caring, loyalty, forgiveness, and harmony. Instead we tend to exterminate species and conduct overt acts of cruelty. We need to live in harmony with nature and not slaughter it, we need to show compassion not deceit to these creatures that have lived here a lot longer than us.
Let's start today, feel the earth, smell the flowers, breathe the air, drink the water, and watch the wildlife. Take it all in and experience the wonder and beauty of Mother Earth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Looking at the Rain

Gentle thoughts on gentle rain,
Droplets fill the window pane
Each drop lamenting sweet refrains
Of dreams that have remained

Patterns dance upon the glass,
Stirring thoughts of now and past,
Of love and life’s enduring times—
All the thoughts entwine

Patterns change, a sweeping rain,
Bring memories yet explained,
Cleansing all the doubts and fears—
The rhythm is all you’ll hear

Droplets smeared across the pane,
Faded patterns to none remain
Clouds part, the sun appears—
Thoughts and dreams still linger here.


Today is cold, windy and raining, a mix of a faded winter and approaching summer, but rain in itself is very creative, symbolized as a cleansing, a renewal and associated with fertility.
I always think of rain as Mother Earth trying to cleanse the abuses we enact on the earth and nature, a depiction of sorrow and a mirror of reflection on the past, present and future.
Rain comes in many forms, hard, soft , gentle, sweeping, etc. , all invoking many emotions, visions and dreams. Stirring memories and soft tones (gentle rain) that allow insight into our spirit from different perspectives. It sometimes makes us dwell on the inhumanities and sorrows of the many tragedies that occur in our complex world. Nonetheless, rain reflects our triumphs, our failures and creates a portal to create our future.
Look closely at the rain, feel its sorrow, its creativity and reflect within its raindrops.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Passing

Today our dog Moonie(aka Mr. Sunshine) passed away of old age. He was a male westie of 19 years of age. We got him through a westie rescue and he had an excellent life with us for 10 years. He will be deeply missed and greatly remembered. I buried him like the ancient kings--with his dog bed, a blanket, and a biscuit for the journey.
Like my other dogs that have passed before Moonie, saying goodbye is bittersweet, glad that he won't suffer, but would rather have him here. It's tough to accept their passing, their personality, unconditional love, loyalty, forgiveness, and companionship on a daily basis will be forever lost. However, although the body is gone the bond with the spirit is strong. Forever our spirits are entwined and will never be broken, and in joyous reflection I smile, knowing that he's with his brothers and sisters in the grass of the hereafter, rolling, running, playing, and barking waiting for the day I join them.