Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Passing

Today our dog Moonie(aka Mr. Sunshine) passed away of old age. He was a male westie of 19 years of age. We got him through a westie rescue and he had an excellent life with us for 10 years. He will be deeply missed and greatly remembered. I buried him like the ancient kings--with his dog bed, a blanket, and a biscuit for the journey.
Like my other dogs that have passed before Moonie, saying goodbye is bittersweet, glad that he won't suffer, but would rather have him here. It's tough to accept their passing, their personality, unconditional love, loyalty, forgiveness, and companionship on a daily basis will be forever lost. However, although the body is gone the bond with the spirit is strong. Forever our spirits are entwined and will never be broken, and in joyous reflection I smile, knowing that he's with his brothers and sisters in the grass of the hereafter, rolling, running, playing, and barking waiting for the day I join them.

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  1. Hi Wayne: Sorry to hear Moonie or Sunshuine is gone, but in dog years he lived to be around , well, way over 100 years. I have a good book for you to get from the library or buy, its called RESCUING SPRITE by Mark Levine. Starting with a rescue from a dog shellter. A true story. You will appreciate this very, very much.(It was in the best seller list on Amazon) D.B.L.