Monday, April 13, 2009


Today is cold, windy and raining, a mix of a faded winter and approaching summer, but rain in itself is very creative, symbolized as a cleansing, a renewal and associated with fertility.
I always think of rain as Mother Earth trying to cleanse the abuses we enact on the earth and nature, a depiction of sorrow and a mirror of reflection on the past, present and future.
Rain comes in many forms, hard, soft , gentle, sweeping, etc. , all invoking many emotions, visions and dreams. Stirring memories and soft tones (gentle rain) that allow insight into our spirit from different perspectives. It sometimes makes us dwell on the inhumanities and sorrows of the many tragedies that occur in our complex world. Nonetheless, rain reflects our triumphs, our failures and creates a portal to create our future.
Look closely at the rain, feel its sorrow, its creativity and reflect within its raindrops.

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