Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A poem for the Faire

Come with me
And Lady D
To see the wares
At the faire

To stroll the grounds
Hear the sounds
To feast and play
All the day

A trinket or two
Drink the fine brew
Dance to a tune
Walk the lagoon

Incense of air
Colorful wear
Braided hair
All at the faire

See the queen
A joust or two
A time for love
And magic too

So come with me
And Lady D
At the faire
We'll see you there

Back to the Faire!

For all of you renaissance festers, I recently attended the Ohio Renaissance Faire in Harveysburg, OH (located between Dayton and Cincinnati). A beautiful setting of rolling hills with magnificent fall colors. The fest had about 135 vendors with some specialties like stone cutting, blacksmiths and weavers that were not at the fests in WI or MO.

When I attended, it lightly rained, there was a strong wind and the temp was about 50 degrees. Although a little cold, the weather added to the visual effects giving the whole experience a realistic feeling of the time period. It was a great time, the shows were good (especially the drummers) the goods were fantastic and the turkey legs--excellent! Nothing like a good Ren Fest to improve your spirit and the Ohio Renaissance Faire is one that shouldn't be missed--Huzzah!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Word about Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a trip! Simple movements like bending your knee, walking up a stair, or sitting down that were automatic are suddenly a chore and struggle. Physical therapy teaches you how to do them again through simple exercises. The good news is that you do improve, but it's a long process. At least your not alone, you'll see a lot of other people with the same or worse problems than you, neck, back, shoulders etc. which may make you feel that your problem isn't that bad and if nothing else, you can always strike up a conversation with your physical therapist to help get you through the mundane routines.
Small steps do lead to big improvements if you try hard enough.