Friday, July 23, 2010

Kudos to Arizona

Give credit were credit is due, Arizona took a stand on illegal immigration, something that the federal government has been side stepping for years.  If you want a case for controlling illegal immigration, start with the cost that every tax payer has to burden every year for illegal immigrants and the tremendous burden on our social and justice systems.  According to The Center for Immigration Studies, here's what cost  tax payers for illegal immigrants (2002):

  • Medicaid--$2.5 Billion
  • Uninsured Health Insurance--$2.2 Billion
  • Food Stamps, WIC, and free school lunches--$1.9 Billion
  • Federal Court & Prison--$1.6 Billion
  • Federal Aid to Schools--$1.4 Billion
Today (2010) our country is in recession, our financial status is unstable, foreclosure of homes and unemployment are at an all time highs our federal debt is in the trillions and states are going broke.  We don't need the extra burden of paying for people who are here illegally. 

We do need immigration reform and let's start with controlling our borders.  Almost every country has control over their borders and strictly enforces what and who goes in and out of their country, why don't we?  We're wasting money and resources trying to control vast open border areas with limited manpower, let's solve the problem, fence the borders and put the border patrol, national guard or whoever to secure it and get the job done.
Second, let's start rounding up the illegal immigrants and send them home.  We need to take a harder stance, other countries wouldn't give a second thought about it, your here illegally--you get sent home.  Besides, what about all the other immigrants who came here and worked hard to become legal citizens, isn't doing nothing about this problem a slap in their face?
Third, let's amend the child section, you know, the one that states if your an illegal immigrant and you birth a child, the child is a U.S. citizen. Let's change it to if you birth a child, the child is denied citizenship because the parent is an illegal immigrant.  This way when you deport the parent the child will automatically go with them, this way we won't break up families and our welfare system won't have to burden the cost.
Fourth, here's something worth thinking about, if your an illegal alien and you commit a crime are convicted and sent to prison, then bill the country of his citizenship and let them pay the court and incarceration costs.  Isn't that fair?  Countries like Mexico are concerned about the treatment of their citizens, so they should pay for their wrong doings. 
Fifth, stop giving jobs to illegal immigrants.  It takes away jobs for legal citizens.  It's a fallacy that illegal aliens takes jobs that no one else wants to do. Instead, it's the business owner who can get away paying cheater wages, no benefits, etc., if he hires an illegal alien.  I know a lot of people who would do just about anything to work and with the minimum wage is now around $8-$10 an hour, a lot more people would probably be interested in doing different types of work. 

But let's get back to Arizona.   You can't blame Arizona for enacting their immigration law, look at what's happening, drugs are pouring in from Mexico and there are drug wars all along the border.  Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital and innocent people are also caught in the crossfire of these drug lords, and what has the Feds done--nothing to solve the problem.  Yes, the federal government has put more federal agents and prosecutors to adjudicate the overload of cases, and now they have given some aid  to try and secure the Arizona border, but bit's all reactionary steps.
So what's the big issue about Arizona's immigration law or immigration reform?  Is it racism or human rights?  No it's-POLITICS.  No one wants to stand up, man up, or commit to correcting this problem.  No one wants to be "the bad guy" because of the large Hispanic population (in this case)  and the potential votes.  All you hear is stupid things like let's make everyone who's illegal a U.S. citizen--what a joke.
Arizona makes the federal government look bad, it puts illegal immigrants in the spot light and brings to the forefront these issues that the politicians have been trying to suppress.  It has also inspired other states, communities and citizens to take on their own legal actions in  regards to this problem.

The issue of illegal immigrants has been a problem for a long time that has been ignored, side stepped and buried through various administrations ( both Democrat and Republican) for years, at last someone has the guts and foresight to do something to correct it--kudos Arizona.

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  1. I could not agree more. You pointed out topics that many shy away from stating, and have the courage to speak you mind. I applaude you sir!