Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ren Fest Frenzy!

Ren Fest crazy, that's us.  The lovely Lady D and I returned from the Mn Ren Fest on Labor Day, but since our festive mood was still strong, four days later we re-packed the car and the hounds, and journeyed five hours to ORF (Ohio Renaissance Faire).  You may note from my previous blog that we attended ORF last year on the last day toward the end of September, when the temp dropped, the wind blew and the rain swept.  This year the weather was kinder and warmer, but either way we had a great time.  We saw our friends at The Yarn Wenches Affliction (maker of wool hats for winter), had a stone reading from Lady Megan, bought trinkets and jewelry, and of course, devoured the coveted smoked turkey leg along with hot pretzels.  ORF is very festive, the vendors ar very outgoing and interactive with the patrons, the products are unique well made and reasonably priced.  This year the lovely Lady D and I met and conversed with more people then at any other faire, it was a great experience.  Of course, we recited my poem, Invitation to the Faire and I handed out copies to those willing to read it.  But alas, at days end we journeyed back home with memories and treasures til our next up coming venture to Fishers Ren Fest.

Ohio Renaissance Faire is located in Harveysburg, OH ( half way between Dayton and Cincinnati).  ORF runs from September 4-October 17, 2010-- http://www.renfestival.com/index.html

Ren Fest of the North Land

Over the Labor Day weekend, the lovely Lady D and I took our faithful hounds and journeyed to the Minnesota Renaissance Faire.  Located in Shakopee,Mn (SW of Minneapolis). This Faire is very large with sixteen stages of entertainment, over 100 vendors, plenty of beer/ale/wine, and loads of food (our favorite was the popovers--excellent). Our best vendor was Amber Moon which had very fine hand carved jewelry. We had a great time, good weather, and a festive crowd, what more could you ask.  Although, I was surprised that more people weren't in Viking costume, this was the land of the cold tundra of winter and inhabited by people of Norse descent, but perhaps it's only my thought. If you do attend, make sure  not to miss the jousts, the Piccolo Pony (a huge rocking horse), and for the fun of it,take a stroll down the Hobbit Hole. So, drink, be festive and enjoy this one. 
Mn Renaissence Faire runs from August 21-October 3,2010-- www.renaissancefest.com/MRF/