Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where's the Christmas Spirit?

Christmas trees are up and lighted, seasonal songs are playing, people are shopping for gifts and there's snow. With everything in place, why doesn't it have that Christmas feel, that cheery, fun feeling?  To me it seems that the in the past couple of years  it's harder to get into the Christmas spirit, and I am not alone. I look at people and ask about the season. The answers are mostly spirit lacking or so-so at best. So I ponder for the reason. Maybe its the bad economy, or the world in turmoil, or all of the negative things that have accumulated over the year that has damped the spirit. Or, maybe it's the change in our society, more complex, less tradition families and more apathetic in nature. Then, it could be that Christmas is becoming more commercalized with shopping ads starting before Halloween and Christmas displays erected before Thanksgiving. All of these have some effect on one's spirit for the season. But I think it's people in general, we've gone away from peace, harmony, giving, and wishing well-beings to a more monetary, what's in it for me, and routine holiday mind set. We tend to forget the past joys of giving and  receiving gifts, or getting together with people we like just for the enjoyment and to celebrate everyone being alive for another year. Of course, that is only my opinion.

For me, Christmas is a personal issue, I hate the commercalization and once I get over the bombardment of ads I usually rebound. Buying gifts is also an inspiration to lifting my spirit, buying quality items that bring joy no matter how small or large bring me a sense of accomplishment. My dogs also lift my holiday spirit. They have genuine emotions and their joy and excitement over simple things is a great uplift, for example, my dogs (Chili and Annie) always get excited when we put up the Christmas tree and ordiments, sniffing the tree and looking in boxes is a definite must and at night they like to lay under the tree. In the snow, they prance and play like a joyous celebration of the season.

So as I write this feeling the beginning of my Christmas spirit returning,  snow falls gently outside my window.  I think about peace, harmony, well-wishes, and an excited curiosity for what lies ahead next year. From here I should regain my spirit for another year and cherish the season, the people and other items that are important to me.
Well- wishes for all who read this in the hope of regaining your Christmas spirit.  Happy Holidays to All!