Friday, January 28, 2011

My Two Cents on the Bears and Jay Cutler

Let's face it, the Bears were in dysfunction mode, the offense sucked, the defense was so-so and the running game and special teams were non-existent (Hester who). The coaching was even worse. It appears that they wanted to match Rodgers pass for pass instead of their "balanced attack" of runs and passes. I think the Bears were stunned when Rodgers and the Pack came out red hot in the first series and then they went into emergency mode.

Cutler was horrible and acted like a spoiled teenager when things went wrong. Even worse, he looked like he had lost the game at the end of the first quarter. As for his injury, how serious was it and could he play, we'll have to take it at face value cause the doctors, trainers and Lovie would never sandbag their million dollar quarterback. I don't think the issue is Cutlers toughness, but I think quitting as some merit, he looked and acted as if he did quit, injury or not.

All in all, it was a complete team meltdown. How do we fix the team, fire Lovie (he isn't that great, just more lucky), rethink Cutler's contract, kick these spoiled over paid players in the ass to do their job and please--bring back DITKA!