Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Gov Bites the Dust

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich, the charismatic politician and lover of Rock music (Elvis Presley), was convicted on 10 counts of wire fraud, along with extortion and bribery charges. In all, he was convicted on 17 of 20 counts listed in the Federal indictment.
Blogojevich joins a long list of Illinois, Chicago, and Cook County politicians and officials convicted of graft and corruption.  
The Chicago Sun-Times reported that since 1972, 79 public figures have been  convicted :                                           
3 Governors-George Ryan (still serving), Dan Walker, Otto Kearner Jr.                                  
15 State Legislators
1 Mayor
3 City Officials                                                                       
27 Aldermen
19 Cook County Judges
11 Cook County Officials

Although it's a bad time for Blogojevich and his family, it's a triumph for criminal justice, but  another sad legacy for Illinois where official corruption seems to spawn graft, rip-offs, kick backs and dirty backroom deals. No wonder why Illinois is tagged with the moniker of "Land of Greased Palms" and " Crook County."
 Maybe the future Governors and public officials will at last bring back honesty and respect to Illinois, but don't bet on that happening anytime soon.    

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