Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ren Fest 2011

A new season of  Renaissance Fests are upon us. In April, when the Chicago area was still wrapped in cold, snow/rain and depressing weather, Lady D and I ventured south to the sunshine, blue skies and 90's of Tampa Bay, Fl to partake in the Bay Area Renaissance Festival.  This is one of the smaller fairs with 120-130 booths. It did have some different vendors with interesting and good quality items, i.e., name necklaces made from silver wire and some excellent fragrant oils and incense. Lady D even got in a well needed and deserved massage.

The Royal Court was also different, usually the Court consists of a Queen as the head ruler, however, this Court consisted of a King and Queen which brought a little different dynamics to the setting.
All in all, it was a grand festival, the weather was beautiful, the atmosphere cheery and a place to return to in coming seasons. Happy Ren Festing to all!

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  1. Wow sounds quite interesting. I love to know about different cultures and their festivals. I there were more pictures of the event, it would be a delight :)