Friday, August 12, 2011

Say A Prayer For Annie

Annie is our Giant Schnauzer Mix. A sweet dog with big brown eyes and a gentle disposition.
But due to a gross misdiagnoses at the Oak Forest Animal Clinic, she has a rib wall tumor that is too big to remove, so the only option is radiation treatment. Needless to say, they are no longer our veterinarians.

Some may think I am too harsh on  the veterinarians when I say they are incompetent, but Annie has been limping on her left fore paw for over a year. Every time I brought her into the clinic I mentioned it and asked them to check it out. All three vets said the same thing, "it's a fatty mass that all terriers get." But none of them wanted to explore it further, even upon my insistence. So, about a three weeks ago we took a trip to Florida with Annie and Chili (our other dog). During the trip, Annie's left side started bulging out. Upon our return, I took her back to the vet. He said it was an abscess, gave some antibiotic and said to come back in a week. On the next visit, he finally took an x-ray and told me that Annie had a rib wall tumor. He also said that it was uncommon for Terriers to get them, however, everything I read stated just the opposite and that limping on a fore paw is a key sign for this tumor. In some respects I feel I am to blame. I should have taken her somewhere else since I thought there was a problem, but instead I took their word. I know it's the vet's fault, but I can't stop the feeling. I realize a lot of  people would have put her down, but Annie's in good health and she's been trying to fight it, so if she's not giving up, then neither should I.

So here we are, going into our third week of radiation therapy. Besides the tumor, she's developed a couple of pressure sores on the elbows, which we treat and wrap every other day. But Annie is a fighter and hopefully she will overcome this cancer.

So say a prayer for Annie. 

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