Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Have you ever received a letter in your mailbox from  a neighbor.  With the exception of   Lost Pet notices, they are very annoying. They're meaningless disputes with another neighbor(s) over some minor matter . Besides being against the law (a federal offense under USC Title 18), they are a nuisance, especially if you get more than one over a short period of time as I did. Actually, I received letters and rebuttals about issues that occurred a couple blocks away. Although I did not confront the authors it did inspire me to write the following poem  about this experience. Read and enjoy.

Letters in My Mailbox

Letters in my mailbox from neighbors I don’t know.

They live down a block or two--places I don’t go.

Their letters speak of squabbles with neighbors of their own.

They need to keep it to themselves—and just leave me alone.

One letter wants to know why her house burned to ash.

When will she rebuild—and pick up all the trash.

Another says her neighbors are cowardly and crude.

Her dogs ran through neighbors yards, one time that is true.

But yelling out profanities is not right to do.

Instead of meeting face to face, cops come to her door.

They plaster notes upon her car—she said she wants no more.

Their letters vent the anger of these atrocities.

But why I’m involved in their trivialities.

Now I get rebuttals from the letters of before.

I’ve received three or four of them; I hope there are no more.

Maybe I should call the cops, or send letters of my own.

Or meet with them face to face to tell them send no more.

More letters in my mailbox, it’s become a daily thing.

Accusations go back and forth, they pick on everything.

My trash cans overflowing, I’m drowning in their ink.

At least they could spell check, or one would think.

I took my mailbox off the post, but to no avail.

Now they place them at my door—it’s a living hell.

Bowing to their letters—tomorrow I will sell.

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