Friday, September 21, 2012

The Patsy

My first novella, The Patsy is now on Kindle.  In light of the Autumn Equinox, on September 22, 2012 you can get a free copy. Now that days get shorter and the nights longer and colder, it's a good time to enjoy a good read.


Happy Mabon or Autumn Equinox!

Other names for this holiday are Alban Elved and Harvest Fest. Mabon is named in honor of Queen Mab of the faeries.

It's the time of balance and harmony of solar and lunar energies, when the light and dark are at equal lengths before the dark side of the year commences. It's the end of harvest, a time when the days start getting shorter, leaves die and animals begin their storage of food to prepare for winter and when we start turning inward to our inner places for introspection and meditation.

The equinox falls within the month of the Reed (tree calendar), it tells us that it's time for direct action, to focus towards what you desire and your intentions of your goals till year’s end.

Today is all about the end of harvest and preparing for winter. Nuts, grain, pumpkins are all gathered and stored along with our memories, feelings, accomplishments and failures of the year, all stored in our inner spaces for our evaluation in the coming months.

Enjoy the day's peace and harmony.

Happy Equinox

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Reading

Here's an excerpt of my short story, The Reading, that is available on NOOK.
A story of mystery and suspense with a touch of the occult.

Ben looked down the hallway making sure no one was around.

“Richie, I need you to cover for me this morning while I go see Rosen.”
”Sure, but what’s up?”
Ben thought a second.
”Ok, I’ve been having these strange dreams about choking someone ever since we went out last week.  I think I’m going nuts.”

Richie sat back in his chair.
”Really?” he laughed
”You didn’t believe anything she told you, did you?”
He ran his hand through his black hair and laughed again, tilting forward in his chair.
”Man, we were really drunk!”

He laughed again, tilting back causing the images on the computer screen to mirror across the lenses of his black rimmed glasses.  Looking at Ben’s dead panned face he realized the seriousness.

“Come on Ben, in all of the years we’ve know each other you never believed in any of that psychic shit, so what’s the real problem, maybe I can help.”

“I don’t know I just started having this dream almost every night.  Rosen said that it must have been something Madame Lena said, but I can’t remember.  Do you recall anything?” '

Enjoy the read!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fallen Heros

If you haven't herd, Lance Armstrong has been ban for life from professional cycling and his seven Tour de France tiles vacated.  Although I was never a fan of Lance or cycling, it makes me think of all of our sports heroes that have fallen from grace. Sports heroes are the most exposed, respected, admired, immortalized and etched into our lives from childhood. So when they fall from grace, it takes a part  a of us with them.
Drugs, battery, murder, or scandal, for a lot of us its emotionally disappointing and destructing to our sport psyche.

 In earlier times, names like DiMaggio and Gehrig stood for goodness and  honesty, a standard of American sportsmanship. Today, names like Canseco, Manley, Henderson and now Armstrong are forever linked to cheating, dishonesty and a dark spot that will never be erased. Yes, there are still good sports heroes today that will be forever left on our pedestals, but the tragic ending to our most beloved heroes leaves us devastated with little hope, for we tend look to our sports heroes in bad times within our complex world.

I have written the following  poem about our fallen heroes.

    Tainted Heroes
    by Wayne Adam

Where have all the heroes gone?
Like those within our youth
The ones we admired,
From which we sought the truth,

Righteous deeds,
We praised in ink and song
Erected on the pedestal—
Gods that walked alone

Were they all illusions?
Just some fantasy
Or does youth wane to wisdom—
Thus reality

Tarnish stains the purity,
Deceit destroys the soul
One by one they’ve fallen—
Bloody pieces on the floor

Immortality reverts to sin,
Veracity yields to lies,
Heroes of our making—
Human traits survive

Are they just reflections of what we want to be?
We bear their cross of failure—
Mass liability

Men are men
Who sweat and toil with human frailty,
They live and die with dignity—
Not immortality

From innocence to worldliness,
The measure we have gained,
Today there are no heroes—
We are what remain

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Word About Chick-Fil-A

What a all time low. Chicago politicians in an uproar over the CEO stating that he's against same sex marriages and the company donating to anti-gay organizations. Big Deal. Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, waving their flags, protesting and boycotting on both sides of the issue.  I personally think it's ridiculous, Chick-Fil-A hasn't broken any laws and hasn't discriminated in their hiring practices or serving customers.

Chicago politicians should put their efforts toward solving  crime, gangs and daily shootings that are rampant in the city than trying to make the Chick-Fil-A cow a homophobic. All business has affiliations with some organization or group and you could boycott and protest everyone of them for some reason. I don't see anyone boycotting and protesting against Apple. Steve Jobs loved taking LSD and didn't trust anyone who didn't try it. So then, he donated to drug lords and affiliated with drug trade, discriminated against non-drug users and corrupted our youth since he became a role model for many. But the politicians don't care for all they want are votes and that's all they care about.

As for me, I like Chick-Fil-A and I stand by the cow--Eat Mor Chicken!!!                  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Litha 2012

Hail the Summer Solstice (Litha)! Under the branches of the Hazel we give gratitude to Mother Earth and all she provides for our existence. We honor love, compassion, fertility, abundance, protection and power of the sun on this holiday to invoke good fortune, good health and harvest for the rest of the year.
Like on the eve, bonfires to strenghten the sun and celebrations set the tone for a glorious day.

Litha is one of my favorite holidays. Embracing Mother Earth, waking up to sunrise, listing to the birds morning homage, the messages of the wind and the chatter of the trees.
My fire is set, my herbs are collected, and my spirit is one with nature. I will bask in the glow of the sun and pay homage to  Mother Earth for all that she provides me.

Wishing you a happy Litha.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Happy May Day ( aka Beltane or Beltain)!

This moon holiday falls in the Oak month, it signifies the beginning of the light half of the year (the beginning of summer) and is a time of magic, fairies,  joyous festivities, sex and sensuality. A day of honoring fertility in the form of Green Man, of the Goddess in her maiden form seeking her first sexual experience, and of eroticism, pleasures and sensual delights all within the celebration of life without embarrassment or repercussions.

This was the time of the Maypole Dance, usually with red (representing the menstrual cycle) and white (representing semen) ribbons that signified the sexual act of intercourse. Of course in today's society, we don't honor fertility, sensuality or sexuality. People don't have sex in fields, or jump over bonfires to ensure fertile energy, or drive cattle between bonfires to ensure their fertility, nor do we give away May baskets of flowers honoring the the maiden aspect of the Goddess seeking her first sexual experience. No, today we're more prudish, unfeeling and tend not celebrate the pleasures of life--but wouldn't it be great if we did.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today is Earth Day, a day we have set aside to honor Mother Earth and the enrichment's she gives us, animals, plants, air and water. A day we should  become one with nature, treating her with gentleness and sensitivity that she deserves. But we seem  to take it lightly or dis-regard the notion all together. Our acts on Mother Earth are brutal and unrelenting, slaughter and extinction of  beloved animals, destruction of forests, poisoning of water and air all in the name of  progress and humanity. Do we fail to look at the damage-- barren land, dead seas, stagnant air and rancid water or  are we just uncaring and believe we are far superior and above reproach. And what of  Mother Nature? We call it global warming, the cause of more intensified natural occurrences, storms, volcanoes, tornadoes,etc. I believe it's Mother Nature in her wrath  trying to reclaim what is hers. Maybe we should stide for harmony and balance before its too late.

My poem Thoughts in the Wind is very appropriate for today. I wrote this poem in a park on a very windy day, as I walked, I listened to the wind and constructed this poem. Every time I read it I can feel and hear the wind and rain.  Happy Earth Day.

Thoughts in the Wind
by Wayne Adam

I stand amidst strong winds—
Feel its power

How small man is among nature,
Frail against her elements

Yet, we defile her essence
Air, earth, water,
In progressive plunder

Selfish is our existence,
Slaughtering her children
In incremented extinction

No wonder she lashes back
In unyielding fury,
Reclaiming her possessions

Have we no morals
In raping such beauty.

No stone unturned by
Our iron hands

No water pure from
Our venom

No creature free from
Our stalking

I stand in gentle rain—
Feel its sorrow

Monday, April 16, 2012


Here's an except from my new article on Yggdrasil in Renaissance Magazine
that is now in bookstores and on newsstands. If your into Norse mythology or just curious about Yggdrasil, you will want to read my article.

"Yggdrasil was the great Tree of Life of the Norse people. A gigantic, eternally green Ash tree in the middle of Asgard that covered the entire universe binding the nine worlds, its branches rose above the heavens and its roots buried far into the depths. Yggdrasil had three enormous main roots that ended near an enchanted water source giving it perpetual life. The first rooted to Asgard, the home of the gods and ended near the well of Urd. The second rooted to Jotunhiem, the land of the Giants and ended near the well of Mimir. And the third to Niflhiem, domain of the dead ending near the spring of Hevergelmir..."

Myths, legends and folk lore of ancient cultures helped shaped today's world, they should not be discarded, but remembered for their meaning and connection to the present.

 The past yields to the future, thus the future dissolves into the past.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Today we welcome the Vernal Exquinox, aka Eiler, Easter, Alban, and Ostara. As a sun holiday, we honor the east (which symbolizes beginnings) and the beginning of spring. It signifies the end of the  the dark half of the year, a time of equal day and equal night and the return of light over darkness. It is the time of rebirth and fertility, the wakening of nature as new shoots, early flowers and budding trees come forth while birds begin to build nests and animals emerge from  their winter hibernation.We also honor the Goddess in her maiden form, the renewal and rebirth of mother earth,  human growth and sexuality along with with rituals of cleansing and purification in preparation for Beltane (May Day). Thus, today we are urged to awaken our sensuality, sexuality, and creativity. To reconnect with ourselves, nature and our inner spaces. At this time, we need to perform rituals to purify our minds, change our habits and prepare for the light of Beltane.

On this holiday I have a sense of my own renewal and rebirth due to my connection with nature and its children. From  them  I seek their messages and meanings, I feed off of their energy and they provide the catalyse for my inspiration and creativity. It is a day I visit my inner place, to purify and ensure that it is clean of any impurities. So today I'll sit in the sun, honor the trees, flowers and animals. I will clear my mind and welcome the beginnings of light, renewal and rebirth. I will embrace the  light, myself and mother earth. And tomorrow I will emerge with a new inspiration, creativity and sense of self.

I wish the same for you.