Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Today we welcome the Vernal Exquinox, aka Eiler, Easter, Alban, and Ostara. As a sun holiday, we honor the east (which symbolizes beginnings) and the beginning of spring. It signifies the end of the  the dark half of the year, a time of equal day and equal night and the return of light over darkness. It is the time of rebirth and fertility, the wakening of nature as new shoots, early flowers and budding trees come forth while birds begin to build nests and animals emerge from  their winter hibernation.We also honor the Goddess in her maiden form, the renewal and rebirth of mother earth,  human growth and sexuality along with with rituals of cleansing and purification in preparation for Beltane (May Day). Thus, today we are urged to awaken our sensuality, sexuality, and creativity. To reconnect with ourselves, nature and our inner spaces. At this time, we need to perform rituals to purify our minds, change our habits and prepare for the light of Beltane.

On this holiday I have a sense of my own renewal and rebirth due to my connection with nature and its children. From  them  I seek their messages and meanings, I feed off of their energy and they provide the catalyse for my inspiration and creativity. It is a day I visit my inner place, to purify and ensure that it is clean of any impurities. So today I'll sit in the sun, honor the trees, flowers and animals. I will clear my mind and welcome the beginnings of light, renewal and rebirth. I will embrace the  light, myself and mother earth. And tomorrow I will emerge with a new inspiration, creativity and sense of self.

I wish the same for you.