Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today is Earth Day, a day we have set aside to honor Mother Earth and the enrichment's she gives us, animals, plants, air and water. A day we should  become one with nature, treating her with gentleness and sensitivity that she deserves. But we seem  to take it lightly or dis-regard the notion all together. Our acts on Mother Earth are brutal and unrelenting, slaughter and extinction of  beloved animals, destruction of forests, poisoning of water and air all in the name of  progress and humanity. Do we fail to look at the damage-- barren land, dead seas, stagnant air and rancid water or  are we just uncaring and believe we are far superior and above reproach. And what of  Mother Nature? We call it global warming, the cause of more intensified natural occurrences, storms, volcanoes, tornadoes,etc. I believe it's Mother Nature in her wrath  trying to reclaim what is hers. Maybe we should stide for harmony and balance before its too late.

My poem Thoughts in the Wind is very appropriate for today. I wrote this poem in a park on a very windy day, as I walked, I listened to the wind and constructed this poem. Every time I read it I can feel and hear the wind and rain.  Happy Earth Day.

Thoughts in the Wind
by Wayne Adam

I stand amidst strong winds—
Feel its power

How small man is among nature,
Frail against her elements

Yet, we defile her essence
Air, earth, water,
In progressive plunder

Selfish is our existence,
Slaughtering her children
In incremented extinction

No wonder she lashes back
In unyielding fury,
Reclaiming her possessions

Have we no morals
In raping such beauty.

No stone unturned by
Our iron hands

No water pure from
Our venom

No creature free from
Our stalking

I stand in gentle rain—
Feel its sorrow

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