Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Happy May Day ( aka Beltane or Beltain)!

This moon holiday falls in the Oak month, it signifies the beginning of the light half of the year (the beginning of summer) and is a time of magic, fairies,  joyous festivities, sex and sensuality. A day of honoring fertility in the form of Green Man, of the Goddess in her maiden form seeking her first sexual experience, and of eroticism, pleasures and sensual delights all within the celebration of life without embarrassment or repercussions.

This was the time of the Maypole Dance, usually with red (representing the menstrual cycle) and white (representing semen) ribbons that signified the sexual act of intercourse. Of course in today's society, we don't honor fertility, sensuality or sexuality. People don't have sex in fields, or jump over bonfires to ensure fertile energy, or drive cattle between bonfires to ensure their fertility, nor do we give away May baskets of flowers honoring the the maiden aspect of the Goddess seeking her first sexual experience. No, today we're more prudish, unfeeling and tend not celebrate the pleasures of life--but wouldn't it be great if we did.

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