Friday, September 21, 2012


Happy Mabon or Autumn Equinox!

Other names for this holiday are Alban Elved and Harvest Fest. Mabon is named in honor of Queen Mab of the faeries.

It's the time of balance and harmony of solar and lunar energies, when the light and dark are at equal lengths before the dark side of the year commences. It's the end of harvest, a time when the days start getting shorter, leaves die and animals begin their storage of food to prepare for winter and when we start turning inward to our inner places for introspection and meditation.

The equinox falls within the month of the Reed (tree calendar), it tells us that it's time for direct action, to focus towards what you desire and your intentions of your goals till year’s end.

Today is all about the end of harvest and preparing for winter. Nuts, grain, pumpkins are all gathered and stored along with our memories, feelings, accomplishments and failures of the year, all stored in our inner spaces for our evaluation in the coming months.

Enjoy the day's peace and harmony.

Happy Equinox

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