Thursday, July 11, 2013

Renaissance is Back!

Upon the Summer Solstice, we enter the light half of the year, when the Sun gods rule and Mother Earth shows her colorful arrays, when rebirth of the spirit is soaring and growing of crops are in full swing--it's a time of rejoicing
 and here in the Mid-West it's the start of this year's Renaissance Faires!

So, back to the Bristol Ren Fest will probably be in order and possibly the Ohio Ren Fest as well, of course you never know how Ren crazy I'll get and where I will end up,  but I shall see how Summer progresses.

For all of you who read this blog, I offer some inspiration to attend the Ren fest of your choosing this year by posting my poem which originally was published in Renaissance Magazine, Issue # 67--Huzzah!!

Invitation to the Faire
By Wayne Adam
Will you go milady,
To the faire on this fine day?
The sky is jeweled blue,
Birds float on breeze,
Cicadas sing a chorus—
Will you go with me?
Milord, I cannot go,
There’s just too much to do
My duties need attending—
Instead of spending time with you

Milady, reconsider. 

We’ll shop through the market,
 You can look and compare,
 I’ll buy you a trinket—
 Jewelry to wear

 Milord, I cannot go,
There’s just too much to do
What would people say of me—
Spending time with you

 Milady, we’ll have folly,
See a joust or two,
Drink sweet mead,
Take a walk—
I will sing for you

 Milord, I cannot go,
There’s just too much to do
What would people say of me—
Taking walks with you.

Milady, reconsider. 

We’ll rest upon the hillside,
I’ll tassel with your hair,
You can lie beside me,
As twilight sets upon the faire

 Milord, I am flattered
 But there’s just so much to do
Although, the day is perfect,
For mead and walking too

But my duties need attention
What will people say?
You and me at the faire—
Well, maybe just today