Sunday, November 30, 2014

Travis The Artist

As noted in my previous post, the Lovely Lady D and I traveled back to the Sarasota Medieval Fest.We walked along the pavilions of jewelry sellers, stages of shows and food peddlers. We stopped to look at trinkets for the Lovely Lady D and of course, bought various incense and oils from the incense peddler. Then we decided to get a caricature and met with Travis, a jovial master of the paint brush who agreed to create a masterpiece portrait of us in remembrance of our journey to the Fest.

After a brief conversation of what we wanted in out portrait, Travis set to work with pen, brush and paint, working diligently while engaging us in conversation on various topics and events. He started with me, looking for facial characteristics and features while drawing and coloring the image on his canvas. Within a short period he moved on to creating the image of the Lovely Lady D, his hand glided effortlessly over the canvas, with steady hand and keen eye he  drew and painted with passion and intensity while our curiosity grew and the crowd gathered watching the creation of our masterpiece unfold.

The excitement mounted as the time went by, at one point we asked members of the crowd for an opinion on the picture's progress and they said "it looks like you." More time went by, Travis worked and paused briefly  to check his work and then picked up his brush and continued. The excitement and curiosity mounted in high crescendo along with the approval of the crowd. Then with one final check and a large smile from Travis--our masterpiece was unveiled. Huzzah!!

A thanks to Travis for a great masterpiece which we will cherish forever. Travis lives in the Orlando area of Florida, besides caricatures, he provides services in comic art, illustration, character design, and more.
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  1. Great story and experience with this artist, and with Wayne Adam too!!!