Saturday, March 21, 2015

Alban Eilir

Here we stand at the gateway of Alban Eilir(Spring Equinox). where the dark and light are in equal balance, where the renewed life forces surge through the veins of the Earth and her creatures give life to their offspring, and where we should open and find the balances in our own lives.

The symbolic flower of  the Equinox in Druidry is the shamrock or trefoil, representing the Sun God and the Triple Goddess. Thusly, the Equinox is associated with planting, promise, balance, air, and yellow.
Within the Equinox is the celebration of Easter, although a Christian festival, it is named after an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, Eostre, whose sacred animal was the Hare, thus the original Easter bunny. Easter eggs were also ancient symbols of springtime, children would roll decorated hard-boiled eggs down a hill in a game called "trundling," and some have seen this custom as a relic of  sun worship where the eggs represent the sun on its journey across the heavens.

We strive for balance in our lives and Alban Eilir is the time to open and find our own balances, to find that area of equilibrium in which we need to survive without the stress and negativity of life and to enjoy the peacefulness of  Mother Earth and her enduring children.

We salute the Equinox with this Welsh prayer:            

Good Luck to the hoof and horn
Good Luck to the flock and fleece
Good Luck to the growers of corn
With blessing and plenty of peace!

Blessed Alban Eilir to all.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crazy Moods

Crazy moods just happen. There's no reason and nothing you can do to prevent them, set off by some of the simplest things like, a song, a joke, something somebody says, or  a number of other things, they make you laugh, dance, get silly or make you perform other uncontrollable acts. Maybe it's a human reaction to just have a burst of fun amidst all the sadness in the world, to let yourself let go and enjoy some fun in life without  any boundaries. Crazy moods can last for hours or even a day or two, my recent crazy mood occurred from a song by Rick Derringer, it popped into thoughts and then I just had to hear it, from there it was crazy mood madness--singing, imitating and laughing a lot--so far it has lasted two days, but there's nothing I can do but enjoy the ride.Listen to the song, maybe it will throw you into a crazy mood. 
Love, laugh, sing and enjoy the moment.