Saturday, August 29, 2015

Feeling the Love

Love is different for men. Like women, they seek love, but it's different, trust, commitment and loyalty, like an Oath of Fealty given to medieval kings, are more of what men seek.Of course in our modern times the Oath is much softer, but still it's an oath. But men often ask themselves if they have found the love they are looking for, especially in this age where the lines of relationship, love, gender, and sex are more blended together and fuzzy than in previous ages. But I do not have all the answers for I am a poet and a dreamer.

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 Alas theses are my thoughts for today, I have found my love she is my Queen forever, but there are times I still ask if this is the love I've sought and the answer is yes. It brings to mind a song by Whitesnake--"Is This Love," to all the men, may you find a lady Oathtaker to fulfill your dreams.

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