Saturday, August 1, 2015

R.I.P. Cecil

The story of Cecil, the world's beloved lion, who's tragic end involved him being lured out of his protected reserve, then hunted down,shot with a bow and arrow, then shot to death 40 hours later then skinned and beheaded for a trophy has been the talk of social media. Recently, the men who lured Cecil from the reserve have been arrested and Zimbabwe officials are looking to extradite Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer for killing Cecil.

But Cecil's tragic story has far more reaching effects, it's about our coexisting with nature, loving the earth instead of raping the trees, poising the water and fracking the land. It's living in harmony with her children, like Cecil, instead of hunting them for their hides, heads or other trophies, casting species after species into total extinction. Cecil was the head of two prides, his siblings will probably be killed by his successor, thus the way of nature and its delicate balance. In the end, we need to prove as a society that  we're the most intelligent animals on the planet instead of the heartless beings that will eventually destroy our precious Earth and all its beauty.

R.I.P Cecil, may your spirit rest peacefully within the embrace of Brig for all eternity.

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  1. Some people are actually justifying this act of murder as an ok business as usual to support the local economy. I say bullshit. Stop murdering these protected beauties and outlaw poaching once and for all. I would like to see Walter Palmer dragged behind a car, skinned and beheadded. What an asshole.