Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Promo 2015

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day of Peace

In 1981, the United Nations promoted  September 21st as a day for peace among nations and people, in 2002 they declared it a permanent holiday.To commemorate this day you can plant a peace tree or light a candle at dusk to support world peace.

I light a candle for world peace and offer this Druid prayer for peace:

                                                 Deep within the centre of my being
                                                                   May I find peace.
                                                  Silently within the quiet of the Grove
                                                                     May I share peace.
                                      Gently(or powerfully) within the greater circle of humankind
                                                                       May I radiate peace.

War, violence, inhumanity and chaos permeate our world. The old problems of the last generation have become the problems of the new generation with some differences. War has moved from the jungles to the deserts, violence flourishes throughout our cities and inhumane acts are inflicted upon people, children and animals at an alarming rate. We need to come together, to live in harmony with each other and nature. If we do not act soon, we go down the path of prior civilizations, extinguishing  our own existence. So plant your trees and light your candles on this Day of Peace.

To help inspire the spirit of peace watch this video with the song "Candles in the Rain" by Melanie.

May Peace enter your Grove.