Monday, December 5, 2016


December and we've  journeyed  into the dark half of the year awaiting the entrance of the winter solstice and the Cold Moon (December),  also known as the Oak Moon, Moon of Long Nights, Wolf Moon, Holly Moon, and Hunters Moon. The world changes,  days become shorter while nights longer and darker as winter hardens its grip, and Mother Earth sleeps, nestled under its blankets. It's the season enchanted by the snow, storm and tree fairies.Symbolized by the trees of  Holly and Fir as we prepare for the coming of Yule by cultivating  mistletoe.

In the darkness, we relax and reflect on the year taking guidance from the Stag, Swan, Goose, and Wolf. We reflex on our accomplishments and failures looking forward to next year and the rebirth of the sun and our new awareness of life. This is a personal and private time, traditions, good times remembered, people we love, the departed who are deeply missed, and a reevaluation of ourselves. As there is light, darkness will follow, as in nature there is a balance and in December we begin to find the balance in ourselves.

The Healing Power of Tress
The Druid Animal Oracle

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting Day

Stand Up
Be Counted
Speak Up
Stand Proud
Take Pride
Be American
Make a Change

Voting is a privilege, use it. Everyone has a chance to voice their opinion and to make a change, that's what elections are for. Those who didn't vote have no right to complain about the outcome.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mixed Emotions at 1am

Tonight I am restless, filled with mixed emotions of sadness over the sudden loss of  my dog Skye, the empty void I am in, the love for the Lovely Lady D and her dog Cupcake, along with the sadness in the world.
 But lately, ever since Skye's death I feel a sense of uselessness, probably cause there was nothing I could have done to prevent Skye from dying. So I write this as part of my grieving process since I am a writer and although it's great prose it sill doesn't stop the loss and heartache. Now I need music to outwardly express some of my feelings and since I have this one song  running through my head, I'll play it here.
In time the sadness and heartache will end and the circle of life will be complete, but for now I play this song til the grief subsides.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Litha 2016

We have reached Midsummer, the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Alban Hefin. Where the sun reaches its zenith creating the longest day. A worship of the sun and all of its glory before the days become shorter on their journey toward the Winter solstice.

Litha is a day of sun worship and the Sun God who's element is Fire shown in all of its radiant colors of red, yellow, orange and gold. It's ruled by the Holly King who re-battles and slays his twin, the Oak King, and it's a time of celebrating the power of the sun and riches of the earth, and thusly is associated with the male energies and solar influences.

Litha should be enjoyed in the basking sun. A festival with nature and  homage to life in general. No matter how you celebrate Litha, take the time to feel the power of the sun, its energy and the positive light it emits.
Remember to pick your herbs today and create a bonfire or two.

Blessed Litha to All

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

The Father

fair play

@Wayne Adam

To all Father's, Happy Father's Day.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Welcome to May and Bealtaine

We say goodbye to April and National Poetry Month, I hope your experience with poetry was new, exciting and inspirational as it was for me to write and post my works. Remember that poetry is not just for a month but an ever evolving art and expression. Maybe you've found that you are a poet or that poetry is now a part of your life, in any case, it was certainly a fantastic journey.
So I leave National Poetry Month with a question for you. Which of all my poems posted was your favorite? Don't be shy, just leave your answer in the comment section of this post. If you need to review the poems, just look at the recent posts on the right side of the blog, all the poems are labeled with NPM.

Now it's May and  Bealtaine.(May 1st), meaning "bright fire" or, "lucky fire," celebrates the beginning of the summer crop and the passing season. It encompasses the height of Spring and the beginning of Summer, where the Earth is alive with fertility. At Bealtaine, the Lady of the Land takes the hand of the Horned God.

Happy Bealtaine to all.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 25, Promised


I promised you some poetry or prose upon a page

Should I give you flowers in beautiful arrays?
 Or sunrise, sunset on a perfect day

Maybe I should give you birds in melodious harmonies

Perhaps some tales of restless hearts— a lover’s tragedy,
Or enchanted woods with bells and spells—a mystic fantasy

But I want this to be perfect with words just meant for you,
While giving pieces of myself as a gift to you

 So a story of stars and moons on a cloudless sky,
With fairey dust and softened tones to help you sleep at night

I freely give you all of this in prose and poetry,
To fill your dreams
 Entice your moods,
Or just to pass the time

My promise is completed when I write this final line.              

©Wayne Adam 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 24, Cupcake

And what would poetry be without dog poetry, a great inspiration and fun to write.


She gives her love without question
Asking only love

How can I resist her affection
Shiny bright eyes
Black mink coat,
A vixen hunting my heart

A sweet caress
This love child jumps upon my chest

Her licks warm and tender,
Sweet is her gentle love
It plays with all my senses

I sing her name in sweet refrain,
Sweet, oh sweet,

@Wayne Adam


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 23, Day at the Beach

Day at the A Beach 

Strong winds blow the white caps
Terns screech aloft hazy summer sky,
Floating on blustery blasts

Raw power of wind & sea rejuvenates my idle spirit,
Stirring primal elements laying in sullen sleep

How vast is the ocean,
Deep is her beauty,
Wide is her message

And yet, I ponder her meaning,
Maybe I lack understanding
Or attempt to make complexities from her simplicities,
Or perhaps, I just haven’t stopped long enough to listen
As my restless spirit seeks to move onto other realms of divinity

My spirit roams
Raw power of wind & sea 
My source of rejuvenation,
But the meaning is still unanswered
Discarded in my thought

In the next cycle,
If I land on the ocean’s shores
Where white caps are driven by the wind
And  terns screech aloft the sand,
Maybe I will ponder once more

    ©Wayne Adam

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 22, Deep Autumn

Deep Autumn

Squirrels forage acorns through fallen leaves,
Greenery of trees and bush change to rustic patterns
North winds cascade crisp cooling air amongst clear blue sky

As Mother Earth begins her departure
Leaves die and the trees barren
Awaiting the blanket from Father Winter,
And eternal sleep

@Wayne Adam

Monday, April 25, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 21, Imprints

Sometimes writing poetry takes on its own form, the standard form used to be rhyme and today it's free verse. But sometimes your poem will not come out in the form you intended and that's fine, there is nothing wrong with rhyme or any other form as long as it is written well and conveys your message. That is the great thing about poetry, it's free expression and flexible.


I walk along the seashore, my feet imprint the sand. Blue Ocean stirs my consciousness, vastness overloads my sight and sea salt fills my senses, see the grandeur and sublime. Waves roll on my emotions; a thought perceives what’s real, imprinted on the sand, body and soul revealed.

@Wayne Adam

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 20, Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

Fresh scent of coffee
Softness of your touch
Body next to body,
Love's passionate rush

Your beauty is alluring
Your smile unsurpassed
Birds sing our love song,
As dawn comes to pass

Gazing over coffee cups
We speak unspoken words
Within love's proximity,
Every word is heard

I love our time together
It is our special time,
Listening to your voice
Or lost within your eyes
We travel to a lofty plane,
No bounds amidst no time

Keep these times forever
Close to your heart
Our love is all that matters,
In a world, that’s grown dark

@Wayne Adam

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 19, Tainted Heroes

  Tainted Heroes

 Where have all the heroes gone?
Like those within our youth
The ones we admired
From which we sought the truth,

Righteous deeds


We praised in ink and song

Erected on the pedestal,
Gods that walked alone

Were they all illusions?
Just some fantasy,
Or does youth wane to wisdom,
Thus reality

Tarnish stains the purity
Deceit destroys the soul
One by one they’ve fallen,
Bloody pieces on the floor

Immortality reverts to sin
Veracity yields to lies
Heroes of our making,
Human traits survive

Are they just reflections of what we want to be?
We bear their cross of failure,
 Mass liability

Men are men
Who sweat and toil with human frailty
They live and die with dignity,
Not immortality

From innocence to worldliness
The measure we have gained
Today there are no heroes,
We are what remain

©Wayne Adam 2003

Friday, April 22, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 18, Wind and the Trees

Today is Earth Day and my poem is closely related to this day. Enjoy nature.

The Wind and the Trees

Trees sway
Branches bend in rhythm with the wind
Engulfed in their rapture I am entranced by their gentle power
Moved by inspiration and awed by their beauty

I am grounded by touch of branch and bark
Lifted by the power of the wind as it engulfs me,
Within these realms, I am so small

Yet they inspire my prose and poetry
In heights worthy to stand beside them,
To the wind and trees, I bow in humble homage
As they bow back

@Wayne Adam

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 17, Humidity's Dance

Today, April 21st  is Poem In Your Pocket Day. Carry your favorite poem and share it with everyone. Sharing is an act of free expression that everyone should experience.

Humidity's Dance                                                            
Dampness hugs the air in a lovers embrace,
 She undulates on soft breezes and cries tears of gentle rain in joyous rapture

She’s a whore, seeking any suitor, twirling in moist flowing gowns and wetted veils
 She comes to me, clinging herself to my body like an affectionate lover
But I am coy, wiping her hands from my brow

Relentlessly she pursues, grabbing, clinging 
Unable to escape, it’s hopeless to resist
 I relinquish to her advances

In total surrender, she consumes me in moist embrace and dewy kisses
Drowning me in folds of her dampened garments

We are one

©Wayne Adam 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 16, Looking at the Rain

Looking at the Rain

Gentle thoughts on gentle rain
Droplets fill the window pane,
Each drop lamenting sweet refrains
Of dreams that have remained

Patterns dance upon the glass
Stirring thoughts of now and past,
Of love and life’s enduring times
All the thoughts entwine

Patterns change, a sweeping rain
Bring memories yet explained,
Cleansing all the doubts and fears
The rhythm is all you’ll hear

Droplets smeared across the pane
Faded patterns to none remain,
Clouds part, the sun appears
Thoughts and dreams still linger here

@Wayne Adam

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 15, The Wind's Caress

The Wind’s Caress
 I close my eyes amid summer day; she rushes to greet me, caressing my body, my hair, my face with cool long fingers. Suggestive thoughts through her windy whispers entice my spirit to join her in lofty plains as we dance entwined on rapture heights.With a gentle kiss, I open my eyes, she’s gone.                                           

©Wayne Adam

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 14, A Summer Friend

Poetry not only deals with emotions and feelings. It can tell a story of some observation or incident that you may have encountered, like a walk in a big city, a ride in an elevator, or like this next poem.

A Summer Friend 

Strolling the park
On this summer’s day
The scent of grass,
Swaying trees
A tranquil place to stay

I am greeted by a reddish squirrel
Looking up at me,
With big black eyes
Bushy tail
He’s quite a sight to see

He stands and looks intensely
Hoping for some food
But I have no offerings,
I hope that isn’t rude

Starring at each other
Connecting in our thoughts,
He seems to be akin to me
In harmony we part

I revel in this quite scene
Upon this summer’s day,
Hoping it will never end
And darkness keeps away

The light is softly fading
This day is at an end,
At least I have the memory
And a furry friend

@ Wayne Adam

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 13, Time's Moment

Time’s Moment

in a pond
capture beautiful images
in time’s moment,

like my thoughts of you

@Wayne Adam

Natl Poetry Month, Day 12, Watching You Sleep

Watching You Sleep

I look upon you sleeping and wonder what you dream
Are you in forbidden places,
Or by a tranquil stream

Maybe you’re in fields of flowers
Or amongst the trees
I'd like to know your thoughts right now
Are they of me?

You softly turn
 Breathe a sigh,
Your face in soft glow
I look upon you lying there
How I love you so

Maybe you dream of birds in flight
Or butterflies a flutter
Or could it be someone else?
It really doesn't matter

Perhaps I will never know what you truly dream
For your dreams are yours alone—
Do you dream of me?

©Wayne Adam 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 11, Scammers

Today's poem is more in the humorous mode for something a little different.


They’re smooth and slick
A face you’d trust, they’re even on T.V.

They lurk in your neighborhood, stalk you on the phone
Inundate your email, you’re never left alone

Take the "big deal," you'll make a million bucks
You won't have to do a thing, just load up the truck

No, it's not a pyramid, it just looks that way
Invest and it will make you rich, just for pennies a day

This pill will do you wonders, who's the FDA?
A hungry child in Uruguay, someone has to pay

All of them are scammers, eyeing up your dough
They’ll fleece you while they shake your hand,
Count your fingers; count your toes

Here are some simple rules, to prevent this sleight of hand
Spend on self-indulgence and just don’t give a damn,
You’ll be happier with your vices instead of being scammed.

@Wayne Adam

Monday, April 11, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 10, A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day                            

A bright yellow orb hangs embedded in a deep blue sky,
My spirit soars on gentle wind amidst the multi-colored forest canopy,
I watch the sunlight enhance the softness of her face, her laughter floats like butterflies in a field of flowers, for the entire world to hear. We travel the road of life, of love, of dreams—just a perfect day

@Wayne Adam

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 9, Waterfall's Lure

Waterfall’s Lure

You can hear her calling as she cascades into the pool below,
Her rushing waters are like gentle fingers rubbing your back in steady motion
You feel her rhythm as she entwines your senses while falling in harmony, building in crescendo until ecstasy as you collide upon the rocks. Listen, you can her calling, beckoning you to join her. You see her beauty in silvery glistening sheets of motion, she calls--waiting

@Wayne Adam 2017

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 8, Awareness


Amid sun and sand
Waves lap on shore
Wind brushes the earth
And birds fly over coast and sea
Carrying messages from the gods,
Prevail in a chaotic world,
Only if we
And Listen
Will we understand?
Or are we blinded by hate
Deaf to the screams
And numb to our toxic culture,
What is our direction?
What is our fate?
I look at the waves lapping on shore
And the birds flying over coast and sea
I feel the wind brushing over me
And listen to nature—
Trying to understand

 @Wayne Adam 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 7, The Stream

The Stream

Sitting by this stream
Life is so serene

Watching water tumble
 Thoughts—ideas to ponder

Life is like this stream,
 Or so it seems

It flows in one direction
Knowing where to go

Till down yonder
 Where it splits and turns
Wandering the unknown
So like Life
 Or so it seems.

It’s good to dream,
Sitting by this stream

@Wayne Adam

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 6, Heat Wave

Heat Wave

A fireball ignites on eastern horizon
Blazing, red molten
Suspended in milky blue watercolor

Heat exudes,
Flowing waves of sightless lava,
Smothering plant and creature;
Immersing all in cauldrons of sweltering vapors

Suffocating heat takes my breath,
A taste, cool liquid, my only desire
Mirage thoughts wavier into shredded paper;
Scattering into burning ashes

From dusk to darkness humid curtains flap,
Dreams of fire burn through steamy scenarios
Of restless sleep

In morn, red molten drips on burnt canvas
Oppressive, unrelenting, in fiery rage

I look upon the searing orb,
In oozing meltdown--I die

@Wayne Adam

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 5, Protector of the Heart

Protector of the Heart

See the cross,
A man of Faith
Protected by god
peace not war

See the sword,
A man of Honor
Protected by steel
pride not fire

See the staff,
A man of Nature
Protected by earth
 kindness not hatred

See this heart,
It belongs to all three.
Unprotected from your
passionate desires,
Fully consumed in your
eternal love fires

I give it freely to protect
you from harm,
one Heart
one Love
one man

@Wayne Adam 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 4, Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Bones chill in autumn’s cool
Black water reflects tattered souls,

Thoughts shred like paper on
hopeless screams of humanity

As hearts are crushed under the
stone of apathy

Until the chorus sings silence
before the presence of fear

 @Wayne Adam 2004

Monday, April 4, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 3, No Words For Poems

No Words for Poems
Today my words hide from my pen
My thoughts are in complete shatter
Stanzas fly like shredded paper caught
on a gusty breeze
I try, but it doesn’t matter
Poetry lies asleep, upon a dreamy meadow
All I can do is wait till it wakes and yawns
in a gentle rain
Floating back into my mind—so I can write again

 ©Wayne Adam 2015

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 2, Changes in Early Spring

Changes in Early Spring

Winter’s cold ebbs to mild winds of early spring
Change of seasons,
Changes of life

 New ideas meld among veiled dreams,
 Spring’s light through winter’s darkness
Reawakening of my human form and inner being

Yet, I am a spec of dirt within the grandeur of nature and sky
Awaiting the wind to be uplifted into infinity
Returning as gentle rain upon Mother Earth
Completing the cycle

Death to birth
Despair to hope
Reflection to resolve
Meditation to enlightenment
We emerge in brilliant light--
Beginning a new day

@Wayne Adam 2012

Friday, April 1, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 1, Lizard Love

For the first day of National Poetry Month, a request from the Lovely Lady D,
the poem is Lizard Love.
Enjoy mi Lady(bowing).

Lizard Love

Two lizards on my screen
One on each side

They meet each day in their special spot
Above a flower pot

Their lizard hands touch
And their noses too
On the unyielding screen
Dividing the two

 They stay there for hours
Staring into each other’s eyes
For they are lovers
No big surprise

Their love is unyielding
Passions are high
Devoted but divided
Their love will not die

I must try to unite these lovers
For I sense their pain,
Love should not be suppressed
Desire no barriers
And passion no chains

The two lizards meet on my screen
Doing their dance of love
And staring into each other’s eyes

But today they’ll embrace

Without a wall between

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Get Creative for National Poetry Month 2016

April 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month, established and organized by the Academy of American Poets, 1966, for the purpose of increasing awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. Each year the Academy of American Poets partners with award winner designers and commission a poster for National Poetry Month. They distribute over 120,000 posters to schools, libraries, and bookstores from coast-to-coast. Individuals can also download an 8x12 copy of the poster from their PC from

National Poetry Month focuses on awareness and introduction of great poems and poets. There are over 30 ways to celebrate this event. Here are my top five: 

Read Poetry. The best way to appreciate poetry is to read it. Great poems and poets are easy to find. Visit the poetry section of your local library. Subscribe to a literary journal, or buy a poetry collection. Browse poetry websites, and if you find a work you admire, leave a comment on your opinion. Or you can sign up for Poem-a-Day on the Academy of American Poets website.

Write Poetry. Everyone has a little bit of a poet within him/her. It’s cathartic, it’s fun, and if you need prompts you can find one every day in April on the Poetic Asides blog. Write a poem about your favorite friend, animal or lover. Poetry has many forms Rhyming, Free Verse, Ode, Haiku, and so forth, try writing a poem in different forms, or if you feel the need for free expression—chalk a poem on a sidewalk.

Experience Poetry.. Get out to a poetry reading, like the Favorite Poem Project, April 4th, or the PoetryLife Spring Weekend, April2 & 23 at the Florida Studio Theatre (FST) in Sarasota, FL. If you’re too busy, there’s always YouTube. Search for “poetry reading” or “poetry slam,” there you’ll find hours of performances for you viewing pleasure.

Share Poetry. To love poetry is to share it. April 21 is Poem in Your Pocket Day—a day where you carry a favorite poem and share it throughout the day. Or, take your favorite collection and lend it to a friend. You may even want to give a book of poetry as a gift or write a collaborative poem with someone.

Publish Poetry. If you already doing all of the above try taking your poetry passion to the next level by getting your work published. Send your poems to a publication you love or post them online via a blog or forum (like Google G+). If you like the self-publication route, contact printers about creating a high-quality, low-cost chapbook you can give to friends and family.

Poetry is a very creative and expressive art forum. It transcends our physical bonds and is the true essence of free expression that everyone should experience, Even if you’re not a poet—celebrating National Poetry Month will be a rewarding and interesting journey.

You all know I am a poet, and  for National Poetry Month I will write one poem a day and post it on this site. In addition, I'll distribute a poem to people I meet, maybe I'll drop one off at my local library, or hand one out to a person I meet on the street, or at a restaurant, the possibilities are endless. Maybe I'll even record them on this site. So get inspired, create and have fun with poetry.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Midnight and I can't sleep, maybe it's just my mind unable to unwind or just a restless soul looking for a place to rest in the dark. So I write and listen to songs of my mood, songs of softness, love, loss and conscientious. It's just a mood with no particular meaning to my thoughts or events of the day.
Here with only the light of my computer and a candle I try to create prose/poetry. But it's unknown if any of it is worthy or  just the ramble of a guy on a sleepless night with no beginnings or ends. Either way, it's killing time until sleep comes to put me in another state.
Midnight turns to one and the eyes get heavier and the thoughts start to scatter. No matter if my words are good or bad I know they won't be a waste of time.                                                    


Remember to comment about this post.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brush Up on Your Poe

Followers of Edgar Allan Poe already know that January 19th is his birthday. For non-followers, it's time to brush up on a great American writer who has contributed much to American Literature. Poe's achievements are staggering, he is recognized as the father of the modern short story, the inventor of the detective story, pioneer of science fiction, and master of the horror story. Furthermore, he was the first writer from the United States to gain international status and the first American writer to attempt earning a living from his writing alone.

Edgar Allan Poe(1809-1849) had a horrific tragic life  filled with unremitting misery, repeating disappointment and frustration, constant poverty, and addiction. For those who want to read more about his life, I suggest you read, Edgar Allan Poe: The Strange Man Standing Deep in the Shadows


The Poe Toaster

Starting around 1930, in the early morning hours of January 19th (Poe's birthday), the Poe Toaster, a person dressed in all black, face hidden by a hood/scarf and carrying a silver-tipped cane, entered the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore. He would go to Poe's original grave site and toast the dead writer with a glass of Martell cognac and place three red roses in a distinctive configuration on the monument along with the unfinished bottle of cognac. Although the significance of the cognac is unknown, the roses represented, Poe, his wife Virginia, and her mother Martha Clemm. Notes were occasionally left, in 1999, a note stated that the original Toaster had passed away and the tradition was passed on to his "son." The tradition abruptly stopped in 2009, the two-hundredth anniversary of Poe's birth.

In honor of Poe's birthday, I have written the following poem titled Remembering Poe:

Raven sits above my door
A gentle rapping, tapping
And the whisper of—Nevermore

These I dream, but something more,

Valdemar wakes from his decaying bed
While the Ebony Clock strikes upon the glass stained red,  

Boldly I go through the Valley of the Shadows
And fear the eerie gloom of Usher’s Manor,

The Pendulum swings upon the deathly Rue Morgue
Amontillado I drink and nothing more.

I stand at the edge of the shining sea
And wait for her—my Annabel Lee

But it’s just a Dream within a Dream,

The Toaster pays homage this day
Cognac and roses lay upon the grave,

He inspirers our thoughts and guides our pens
And thus we’re his students—Evermore.

@Wayne Adam 2016