Saturday, February 20, 2016


Midnight and I can't sleep, maybe it's just my mind unable to unwind or just a restless soul looking for a place to rest in the dark. So I write and listen to songs of my mood, songs of softness, love, loss and conscientious. It's just a mood with no particular meaning to my thoughts or events of the day.
Here with only the light of my computer and a candle I try to create prose/poetry. But it's unknown if any of it is worthy or  just the ramble of a guy on a sleepless night with no beginnings or ends. Either way, it's killing time until sleep comes to put me in another state.
Midnight turns to one and the eyes get heavier and the thoughts start to scatter. No matter if my words are good or bad I know they won't be a waste of time.                                                    


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