Friday, April 1, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 1, Lizard Love

For the first day of National Poetry Month, a request from the Lovely Lady D,
the poem is Lizard Love.
Enjoy mi Lady(bowing).

Lizard Love

Two lizards on my screen
One on each side

They meet each day in their special spot
Above a flower pot

Their lizard hands touch
And their noses too
On the unyielding screen
Dividing the two

 They stay there for hours
Staring into each other’s eyes
For they are lovers
No big surprise

Their love is unyielding
Passions are high
Devoted but divided
Their love will not die

I must try to unite these lovers
For I sense their pain,
Love should not be suppressed
Desire no barriers
And passion no chains

The two lizards meet on my screen
Doing their dance of love
And staring into each other’s eyes

But today they’ll embrace

Without a wall between

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