Saturday, April 16, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 14, A Summer Friend

Poetry not only deals with emotions and feelings. It can tell a story of some observation or incident that you may have encountered, like a walk in a big city, a ride in an elevator, or like this next poem.

A Summer Friend 

Strolling the park
On this summer’s day
The scent of grass,
Swaying trees
A tranquil place to stay

I am greeted by a reddish squirrel
Looking up at me,
With big black eyes
Bushy tail
He’s quite a sight to see

He stands and looks intensely
Hoping for some food
But I have no offerings,
I hope that isn’t rude

Starring at each other
Connecting in our thoughts,
He seems to be akin to me
In harmony we part

I revel in this quite scene
Upon this summer’s day,
Hoping it will never end
And darkness keeps away

The light is softly fading
This day is at an end,
At least I have the memory
And a furry friend

@ Wayne Adam

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