Thursday, April 21, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 17, Humidity's Dance

Today, April 21st  is Poem In Your Pocket Day. Carry your favorite poem and share it with everyone. Sharing is an act of free expression that everyone should experience.

Humidity's Dance                                                            
Dampness hugs the air in a lovers embrace,
 She undulates on soft breezes and cries tears of gentle rain in joyous rapture

She’s a whore, seeking any suitor, twirling in moist flowing gowns and wetted veils
 She comes to me, clinging herself to my body like an affectionate lover
But I am coy, wiping her hands from my brow

Relentlessly she pursues, grabbing, clinging 
Unable to escape, it’s hopeless to resist
 I relinquish to her advances

In total surrender, she consumes me in moist embrace and dewy kisses
Drowning me in folds of her dampened garments

We are one

©Wayne Adam 

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