Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 23, Day at the Beach

Day at the A Beach 

Strong winds blow the white caps
Terns screech aloft hazy summer sky,
Floating on blustery blasts

Raw power of wind & sea rejuvenates my idle spirit,
Stirring primal elements laying in sullen sleep

How vast is the ocean,
Deep is her beauty,
Wide is her message

And yet, I ponder her meaning,
Maybe I lack understanding
Or attempt to make complexities from her simplicities,
Or perhaps, I just haven’t stopped long enough to listen
As my restless spirit seeks to move onto other realms of divinity

My spirit roams
Raw power of wind & sea 
My source of rejuvenation,
But the meaning is still unanswered
Discarded in my thought

In the next cycle,
If I land on the ocean’s shores
Where white caps are driven by the wind
And  terns screech aloft the sand,
Maybe I will ponder once more

    ©Wayne Adam

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