Saturday, April 30, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 25, Promised


I promised you some poetry or prose upon a page

Should I give you flowers in beautiful arrays?
 Or sunrise, sunset on a perfect day

Maybe I should give you birds in melodious harmonies

Perhaps some tales of restless hearts— a lover’s tragedy,
Or enchanted woods with bells and spells—a mystic fantasy

But I want this to be perfect with words just meant for you,
While giving pieces of myself as a gift to you

 So a story of stars and moons on a cloudless sky,
With fairey dust and softened tones to help you sleep at night

I freely give you all of this in prose and poetry,
To fill your dreams
 Entice your moods,
Or just to pass the time

My promise is completed when I write this final line.              

©Wayne Adam 

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