Thursday, April 7, 2016

Natl Poetry Month, Day 6, Heat Wave

Heat Wave

A fireball ignites on eastern horizon
Blazing, red molten
Suspended in milky blue watercolor

Heat exudes,
Flowing waves of sightless lava,
Smothering plant and creature;
Immersing all in cauldrons of sweltering vapors

Suffocating heat takes my breath,
A taste, cool liquid, my only desire
Mirage thoughts wavier into shredded paper;
Scattering into burning ashes

From dusk to darkness humid curtains flap,
Dreams of fire burn through steamy scenarios
Of restless sleep

In morn, red molten drips on burnt canvas
Oppressive, unrelenting, in fiery rage

I look upon the searing orb,
In oozing meltdown--I die

@Wayne Adam

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