Monday, May 2, 2016

Welcome to May and Bealtaine

We say goodbye to April and National Poetry Month, I hope your experience with poetry was new, exciting and inspirational as it was for me to write and post my works. Remember that poetry is not just for a month but an ever evolving art and expression. Maybe you've found that you are a poet or that poetry is now a part of your life, in any case, it was certainly a fantastic journey.
So I leave National Poetry Month with a question for you. Which of all my poems posted was your favorite? Don't be shy, just leave your answer in the comment section of this post. If you need to review the poems, just look at the recent posts on the right side of the blog, all the poems are labeled with NPM.

Now it's May and  Bealtaine.(May 1st), meaning "bright fire" or, "lucky fire," celebrates the beginning of the summer crop and the passing season. It encompasses the height of Spring and the beginning of Summer, where the Earth is alive with fertility. At Bealtaine, the Lady of the Land takes the hand of the Horned God.

Happy Bealtaine to all.

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