Monday, July 18, 2016

Mixed Emotions at 1am

Tonight I am restless, filled with mixed emotions of sadness over the sudden loss of  my dog Skye, the empty void I am in, the love for the Lovely Lady D and her dog Cupcake, along with the sadness in the world.
 But lately, ever since Skye's death I feel a sense of uselessness, probably cause there was nothing I could have done to prevent Skye from dying. So I write this as part of my grieving process since I am a writer and although it's great prose it sill doesn't stop the loss and heartache. Now I need music to outwardly express some of my feelings and since I have this one song  running through my head, I'll play it here.
In time the sadness and heartache will end and the circle of life will be complete, but for now I play this song til the grief subsides.

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